"My parents are in their 90s and when their health started to decline we didn’t know our options. There were some real management questions – they are in Massachusetts, I live in Maine. But then we were referred to PrimeCare and saw their familiarity with the geriatric practice world. We've been working with them now for five years.

"They are so supportive and have so much information in terms of living options, and are a reliable record for doctor visits.  I wouldn't be able to live in Maine without PrimeCare; they are such an integral part of the care plan. And we can't imagine going forward without our care manager, Barbara Maxey, RN, BSN, CCM. When my father needs to see a doctor, she facilitates it. Her nursing background is used so much – she's smart about hospitals and an expert in managing care. She has been a key figure in managing my parents' aging and we're so lucky to have her."

- Stina Brazelton, primary caregiver

"At the age of 89, my aunt Nancy fell at home. Until the time of her fall, Nancy had always been fit and well, and was the sole source of care and support for her husband Tony, aged 95 and suffering from moderate senile dementia. Nancy's closest family, her nieces and nephews, live in Maine and New York. As we started to get ourselves organized to help both Nancy and Tony, it was clear we would need help. Finding Janet Sobel-Medow, RN, BSN, CMM to help guide us was an absolutely pivotal event.

"In my 25 years as a surgical oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, I cannot recall ever encountering anyone as capable and caring as Janet. After an initial very thorough home assessment which led to significant upgrades in safety and convenience, she coordinated two complex and changing care plans for both Nancy and Tony, synchronizing MD orders, pharmacy deliveries, visiting nurses, home health aides and ultimately hospice care. This was all done with extraordinary attention to each of the innumerable details that home medical care entails. In addition, over and above her meticulous professionalism, Janet provided a level of genuine emotional support and understanding throughout Nancy's illness, for both Nancy and for her family, such that we all felt she was an integral member of our extended family. She always made herself available to meet us in the doctor's office or Emergency Room, and she kept us all completely up to date every day, all while tolerating and responding to an avalanche of concerned e-mails. Janet Sobel-Medow represents the absolute quintessence of what is truly great about our medical profession."

- Daniel G. Coit, MD, FACS, primary caregiver

"Our care manager, Barbara Maxey, RN, BSN, CCM, has been so helpful and we’ve developed a wonderful relationship. Five years in, she manages appointments and coordinates aide coverage, but she’s also brought a real understanding of the personal situation of our family. In the beginning, she made sure my dad was getting what he needed while also understanding the family dynamics and working with us on everyone’s role. She has been paramount in the care of my father."

- Hod Irvine III, primary caregiver

"We’ve been working with PrimeCare since August 2012, and our care manager, Janet Sobel-Medow, RN, BSN, CCM has been helping us navigate our parents' declining health. Our experience so far has been so incredibly positive and reassuring – it started when we needed to find a facility for my parents to live in. Both of my parents want to be together, but they have different health needs, with one needing more care. PrimeCare helped identify different places and explained in detail what each facility offered.

"I live in Vermont, but my parents are in Massachusetts. Having our care manager as a set of eyes and ears on the ground has been invaluable. I can call and talk to my parents or their direct caregivers, but actually having someone who has a relationship with both my parents and myself – and who can actually go see my parents and speak to the caregivers is hugely beneficial.

"Our care manager is so easy to work with, and communicates in a direct way that explains all the moving parts. Janet has also known my parents longer than their current caregivers, so she's got a historical perspective and that allows her to look at things in total – when we’re talking about my dad's history, she knows all of the ups and downs and can speak to his care needs effectively. This is particularly helpful in care plan meetings and meetings with doctors – everything from health care emergencies to lab tests. The doctors can tell you what the tests are and what the results say, but Janet interprets and translates those results and also makes sure all the care options are explored.

"Our caregiver's expertise and availability has been the most helpful. It has been really easy to develop a great working relationship – and it truly feels like a partnership. When we first connected with PrimeCare, our care manager quickly grasped the situation, but didn't jump to any conclusions about what needed to happen. She was so thoughtful about the whole process, and it feels like we’ve got the same objective for the level of care that we want for my parents."

- Tori Pesek, primary caregiver

"As a financial manager, I have a couple clients that use PrimeCare. The care managers keep me updated with general status reports as well as any changes in care needs. They are very proactive for my clients and are engaged with what is in the best interest of the client's well-being. When one of my client's situations has required change, the care managers have adapted – one required a new living situation with more rigorous care, and they came up with options and stayed ahead of the evolving situation. I've worked with more than one PrimeCare care manager and there's a consistency of results and care that I'm very happy with."

- Don Keyser, Corporate Trustee and Financial Manager

"Adjectives like professional, competent, reliable and caring come to mind in reviewing the kind of care received by my 94 year old client during the last seven months of her life.  Following a brief stay at Massachusetts General Hospital, my client was assigned the assistance and supervision of Rose Anne Dioguardi of Massachusetts General PrimeCare.  Rose Anne monitored her stay at home, including attention to the daily companionship of caregivers and attendance at medical appointments, and her subsequent assisted living placement, skilled nursing home admissions, two short hospital stays, and her final two plus months in a skilled nursing home environment before she expired peacefully. Subsequent to my client's death, Rose Anne continued to help with the supervision of the disposition of the contents of my client's apartment.  Her work for my client earned high praise from my client's closest relative, who was kept up to date by Rose Anne at his home in Arizona.  We were grateful for Rose Anne's attention to my client, and felt we were very lucky in having her assigned."

- David Hayes, Attorney

"Memory impairment caused a close friend of mine to retire from her position as a clinician and biomedical researcher.  She had always been fiercely independent and lived alone for most of her adult life.  After a serious fall, with no relatives available to assist her, my wife and I stepped in to help plan for the future.  Her neurologist suggested that we contact Massachusetts General PrimeCare who assigned Rose Anne Dioguardi as the case manager.  Rose Anne has been a Godsend!  She helped convince our friend to give up her condo and move into an assisted living facility.  After some research, she identified a facility in which many of the residents were, like our friend, well-educated professionals.  Rose Anne then referred us to a moving company dedicated to helping people like us make decisions on behalf of the elderly and infirm as they transition to a significantly smaller living space.  They managed to selectively move critical furniture and decorations and place them in the new apartment in such a way as to mimic, as closely as possible, their location in the condo.  This went a long way toward reducing our friend's anxiety during this emotionally difficult time.  Rose Anne continues to be proactive, communicating with me regularly to ensure that her client is well cared for.  She even arranges to visit with her if we are unable to.  She and PrimeCare did an outstanding job."

- Robert Lynch, primary caregiver


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