dr. maurizio fava
Dr. Maurizio Fava, Chief of the Department of Psychiatry








Maurizio Fava, MD, Chief of Psychiatry

John B. Herman, MD, Associate Chief

Jeff Huffman, MD, Associate Chief for Clinical Services

Sabine Wilhelm, PhD, Chief of Psychology

Timothy E. Wilens, MD, Chief of Child Psychiatry

Janet Wozniak, MD, Associate Chief for Quality and Safety

Gregory L. Fricchione, MD, Associate Chief of Psychiatry

Felicia Smith, MD, Associate Chief for Psychiatry and Medicine

Susan Sprich, PhD, Director of Psychology Training

Scott Beach, MD, Program Director, MGH/McLean Adult Psychiatry Residence

Deborah Blacker, MD, MSc, Associate Chief for Research

Roy Perlis, MD, Associate Chief for Research

Jordan W. Smoller, MD, MSc, Associate Chief for Research

Lee Cohen, MD, Associate Chief for Philanthropy and Department Communication

Derri Shtasel, MD, MPH, Associate Chief for Public and Community Psychiatry

Joy B. Rosen, Vice President

Laurie Ansorge Ball, Executive Director