Eligible candidates will have completed an ACGME–accredited psychiatry residency program prior to start date of the fellowship. Applications for the fellowship should be submitted electronically to Dr. Roger Weiss with a copy to Scott Provost.

Applications for the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship are accepted starting July 1st. We try to make final decisions in October. It is advantageous to send in an application as soon as possible after July 1st if you wish to be considered as an applicant for the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship.

The following documents will be necessary to process your application:

  1. Universal Application for Residency National Recruitment Matching Program. Although we don’t go through the match, we use the Universal Application for Residency. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION AND FORWARD IT ELECTRONICALLY TO Dr. Roger Weiss with a copy to Scott Provost. Please click here to download this application.
  2. Current curriculum vitae. FORWARD ELECTRONICALLY
  3. Personal statement describing your interests, achievements, and career goals FORWARD ELECTRONICALLY
  4. DIGITAL PHOTO SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY IS PREFERRED (Passport size photo by mail is acceptable if digital photo is not available
  5. ECFMG Certificate, if applicable (FAX AND MAIL)
  6. USMLE I, II, III scores (FAX AND MAIL)
  7. Applicants need to be eligible for the full Massachusetts Medical License (USMLE III) and obtain the license prior to the start date of the fellowship (FAX AND MAIL WHEN OBTAINED)
  8. Applicants need to obtain the DEA X license to prescribe suboxone prior to the fellowship start date (FAX AND MAIL WHEN OBTAINED)
  9. Copy of Visa, if applicable (FAX AND MAIL)
  10. Signed statement that the applicant has received the GME policies. Please review the GME policies which are available through the Partners GME policy link below (PLEASE SUMBIT STATEMENT WITH YOUR NAME AS SIGNATURE ELECTRONICALLY). Please click here to download a copy of the statement.
  11. Four letters of recommendation must come under separate cover (cannot come from the candidate).Please ask your supervisors to send the letters by email with the hard copy to follow.
  12. One letter must be from the residency program director documenting successful completion and graduation from the program
  13. Letters of recommendation should be emailed directly to: Roger D. Weiss, MD  with a copy to Scott Provost.

While email is preferred, if necessary, hard copies of letters of recommendation can be sent via mail to:

Roger D. Weiss, MD
Director, Partners HealthCare Addiction PsychiatryFellowship
Chief, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
McLean Hospital, Proctor House III
115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478


  1. SEND ELECTRONICALLY: Universal Application, CV, personal statement, digital photo if you have one, and signed statement that you have received the Partners GME policies.
  2. SEND ELECTRONICALLY: Request 4 letters of recommendation to be sent electronically directly from supervisors and training director along with statement that you have waived the right to see the letters.
  3. SEND BY FAX AND MAIL: Passport photo (if you do not have a digital photo), ECFMG Certificate, SUMLE I,II, III scores, Copy of visa.
  4. SEND BY MAIL: Have your supervisors forward hard copies of their electronically submitted letters

We strongly advise that applicants begin the process of applications for the full licensure in the state of Massachusetts by January 1 of their potential training year if they anticipate moving to the state. If there are documents from previous positions or schools where you have trained that you think may be difficult to obtain, we suggest that you begin this process to obtain those documents as soon as possible.

The Fellowship Training Committee will review all applications and the Training Director may conduct a telephone interview before extending an invitation for an interview. Applicants provide their own transportation and accommodations. Information regarding convenient hotels and rates may be available from the fellowship coordinator.

Questions regarding procedures and other aspects of the fellowship may be directed to the following:

Scott E. Provost, M.M., M.S.W.,
Fellowship Coordinator Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
McLean Hospital, Mail Stop #103
115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Phone: (617) 855-3552
Fax: (617) 855-3755
Email: sprovost@mclean.harvard.edu

Olivera Bogunovic, MD
Associate Program Director, Partners HealthCare Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship
Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
McLean Hospital
115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Phone: (617) 855-2403
Email: obogunovic@partners.org

Roger D. Weiss, MD
Director, Partners HealthCare Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship
Chief, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
McLean Hospital
115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Phone: (617) 855-2242
FAX: (617-855-2699
Email: rweiss@mclean.harvard.edu

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