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Ultimately, our successes in patient care and cutting-edge medical research have been nurtured by our committed donors.

Funding these initiatives provide unparalleled psychiatric care in our local community and around the world. In addition, they help advance the field of psychiatry through innovative research, and, at the same time, enables us to train the next generation of caregivers and researchers.

What prompts donors to work with us?For the family of 11-year-old Abby(pictured at far left), it was a realization that they could make a difference in finding the right answers.

How you can help

To make a gift, please contact Carol W. Taylor, Senior Director of Development for Psychiatry atcwtaylor@partners.orgor 617-724-8799.


After her sister's death, new insights
Stacy Sweeney’s serendipitous conversation about the causes and treatment of depression re-shaped her understanding of her sister’s death.



A Professional Role, a Personal Mission
When George B. Handran began working as Sidney R. Baer’s personal attorney in January 1981, Mr. Handran had no way of knowing that his reclusive and difficult new client would change the direction of his own life.


Finding the right answers
After years of misdiagnosis, Abby -- a talented young artist -- was finally able to find her way.


Exciting time for collaboration
A former financial CEO is now sharing his time and his expertise to help psychiatric endeavors.



Experiencing the power of awareness
Since the founding of The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation in the fall of 2004, Joyce and Dusty Sang have been on a quest “to change the course of early-onset bipolar disorder so that other families do not have to be us,” says Joyce Sang





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