How to Use This Guide

  • Within this section of the guide, you will find resources for employees
  • Highly recommended resources are denoted with a star (★)
  • Each resource also notes practical recommendations or strategies to help
  • This guide is a "living document" and may be continually updated over time. The date of last update is 9/22/20.

For Employees Summary

A range of virtual support tools, clinical services and self-guided programs have been made available specifically for Mass General Brigham employees. Some of these will require an institutional log-in for viewing and/or registration.

In this guide:

Self-Guided Resources

Resource: Mass General Brigham Pulse Hub for Mental Health Resources (log-in required) 
Source: Mass General Brigham

Key Points: 

  • Log-in required. Resource hub for Mass General Brigham Employees, including links to Mass General, BWH and McLean online resources. Specific subsection on how to access self-service mental health tools that have been made available for employees, including Headspace, Evermind and iCBT options

Resource: Resilience Augmentation for Medical Personnel (RAMP) 
Source: Mass General Department of Psychiatry

Key Points: 

  • Free 3-session web/video programs for healthcare workers to build resilience skills for COVID-19
    • Resilience Training (developed by Dr. Daphne Holt and team): mindfulness, cognitive flexibility, and self-compassion skills for practical application to stressors faced by healthcare workers
    • Stress Management & Resiliency Training (developed by Dr. Elyse Park and team): focus on mind-body skills for managing effects of stress, including relaxation training and healthy habits
    • Mindfulness for Wellness (developed by Dr. Louisa Sylvia and team): focus on basic mindfulness skills for coping

Groups and Services

Resource: Resource: Employee Mental Health Clinic
Source: Mass General Department of Psychiatry

Key Points: 

  • The mission of the MGH Employee Mental Health Clinic is to provide short-term, evidence-based psychotherapy and medication services to employees, residents, and fellows of MGH with behavioral health needs. This clinic, through the Department of Psychiatry, targets symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and/or grief using skills-focused models, such as CBT and DBT.
  • We offer up to 16 sessions of individual therapy, group therapy, and medication evaluations and management. Consultations regarding diagnosis and treatment plans are available for those who already have ongoing treatment providers.
  • Appointments can be scheduled by calling Shannon O'Connor at 617-643-6054. Employees can refer themselves and do not need a PCP affiliated with MGH.