Friday, February 4, 2011

MGH award honors “In Treatment”

ADVANCING MENTAL HEALTH CARE: Epstein, left, and Ulman at the awards ceremony

“IN TREATMENT,” a provocative drama series on HBO, offers viewers a glimpse behind the normally closed doors of talk therapy, illuminating the lives and stories of both the main character, a psychoanalyst named Paul Weston – who is in therapy himself – and his many patients.

On Jan. 29, the Endowment Award for Leadership in the Advancement of Mental Health was presented to one of the series’ executive producers, Anya Epstein, who traveled from Los Angeles to Boston to accept the award on behalf of her colleagues. The award is supported by the Endowment for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, a program of the MGH Development Office that aims to support training, research and public education on psychotherapy.

Epstein grew up in Brookline and is the older sister of Theo Epstein, the general manager of the Boston Red Sox. Approximately 400 people attended the morning event at the MGH, including her parents, who also are from the area. Presenting the award to Epstein was Kathy Ulman, PhD, a board member of the Endowment for the Advancement of Psychotherapy and a staff member of MGH Women’s Health Associates.

“‘In Treatment’ has advanced the mental health of the larger community by bringing into our living rooms a captivating, realistic and respectful portrayal of psychotherapy,” says Ulman. “This series has made a significant contribution to the education of the public by creating both patients and therapists with whom everyday people can identify and highlighting their very human vulnerabilities and strengths.”

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