Consultation services

We provide individual and team consultations for clinicians within and outside the Partners Healthcare System who seek assessment and optimization of their patient-clinician interactions. Our consultants are physicians with expertise in the field of empathy and relational science.

All consultations are confidential, and they are individually tailored to meet specific needs. Clinical observation is discreet so as to protect the privacy of the clinician.

Consultation includes the following services:

  1. Confidential, individual meetings
  2. Direct observation and assessment of clinical encounters that does not reveal the purpose of the observation
  3. An individualized strategy to improve clinical encounters
  4. Instruction in novel methods to enhance empathy and relational skills

Results from a private consultation may include:

  1. Improved job satisfaction
  2. Reduced physician burn-out
  3. Improved patient satisfaction
  4. Improved medical outcomes
  5. Increased employee retention

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