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The Eating Disorders Clinical and Research Program provides outpatient evaluation and treatment for children, adolescents, and adults with feeding and eating disorders, ages 7 and up.

Multi-Disciplinary Coordination of Care

In order to provide optimal care for our patients, we deliver mental health treatment within a multi-disciplinary team. We have found that patient interests are best served when primary care and mental health clinicians practice within the same hospital system and can communicate easily with one another about treatment progress and planning.

We are now accepting requests for one-to-two session diagnostic evaluations regardless of primary care affiliation. We may be able to follow for ongoing care those patients who have already established their primary care at Mass General Hospital. We are currently running a waiting list of 3 months, and our ability to follow patients depends on individual clinician capacity. To request an appointment, please click here.

Please note that we are an exclusively outpatient service. Our experience has taught us that some patients will benefit from either a partial hospitalization program or inpatient care to address urgent medical and nutritional issues prior to outpatient care in our program in order to achieve their therapeutic goals. We are happy to provide feedback about the recommended clinical setting for initiating care in the pre-appointment screening.

We offer a detailed diagnostic evaluation with each new patient who is seeking to begin treatment for an eating disorder or related concerns. This comprehensive evaluation will evaluate current and past eating disorder symptoms, review previous psychiatric care, identify immediate and long term medical concerns, and formulate a treatment plan based on current evidence-based approaches.

Patients will receive immediate feedback as to what treatment plan is recommended. Depending on clinician availability, we will do our best to accommodate individuals with established Mass General primary care physicians with ongoing care at the EDCRP. Patients without Mass General primary care physicians will be directed to ongoing care options in the greater Boston area, depending on their individual treatment needs.Team Approach and Specialty Services
Our patients with an eating disorder often encounter medical problems and nutritional concerns that benefit from specialty care. We focus on treating the individual with a team approach, identifying appropriate clinical services to coordinate care.

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