Friday, December 7, 2012

Enhancing the patient and family experience


SOOTHING SHOTS: From left, Yagoda, McAdow and Cobb

“I think a lot of families with loved ones in the hospital can identify with this,” said local photographer Ron McAdow, as he stood next to his photograph in the MGH Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) waiting room. “It shows a winding path with brighter spots ahead. I think it’s a very fitting image.”

The print, “Path to Sunshine,” is one of seven 30-inch-by-20-inch framed prints McAdow donated to the MICU waiting area. He hopes the nature-inspired artwork will help soothe the minds of those here to support their loved ones.

“Ron reached out to us through the Critical Care Center website and said he wanted to donate his art to the MGH,” said Daniel Yagoda, senior administrative manager for the Critical Care Center. “We are always looking to improve the patient and family experience, and we thought this was a great opportunity to do just that.” Yagoda brought the idea to the MGH Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), which combed through numerous prints and voted on the final seven.

“Art is very personal,” said Robin Lipkis-Orlando, RN, co-chair of PFAC. “The patient and family members reviewed each print and discussed which would be most appropriate for a waiting room environment. We chose the final prints because they were calming, healing and universal.”

J. Perren Cobb, MD, director of the Critical Care Center, said families spend hours, days, and sometimes weeks in ICU waiting room areas, and he thinks the artwork will make a difference. “Mr. McAdow made a very thoughtful donation, and we in the Critical Care Center worked closely with MICU Nursing Director Sandy Muse and PFAC to make this gesture a reality. I think this is a fantastic example of teamwork at the MGH.”

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