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  • Benjamin Medoff, MD

    Photo of Benjamin Medoff, MD

    The Medoff Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital studies the pathogenesis of pulmonary inflammation in a number of important lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, lung transplant rejection, and viral infections.

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  • David Christiani, MD, MPH

    David Christiani, MD, MPH

    Molecular Epidemiology of ARDS: Under the direction of David Christiani, MD, MPH, our laboratory examines genetic and environmental factors that may impact the development and progression of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

  • David Lagares, PhD

    David Lagares PhD

    The Lagares Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital investigates the fundamental mechanisms that balance tissue regeneration and fibrosis following injury.

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  • James Moon, PhD

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    The Moon Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital investigates basic issues of CD4+ T cell tolerance by directly tracking endogenous antigen-specific populations in mice and humans.

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  • Rajagopal Lab

    The Rajagopal Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital focuses on lung regeneration and the application of developmental biology to human lung disease.

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  • Scott Harris, MD

    Scott Harris, MD

    The Harris Lab is a multi-disciplinary, inter-departmental group of investigators aiming to advance the understanding of whole-organ physiology and pathophysiology of the human lung through the development and implementation of advanced imaging techniques, sophisticated mathematical and computer modeling and bioengineering. In our studies, we apply rigorous quantitative tools to investigate the complex structure-function relationships of healthy and diseased lungs.

  • Suter Pulmonary Optical Imaging Laboratory

    Suter Pulmonary Optical Imaging Laboratory

    The focus of the Pulmonary Optical Imaging Laboratory is the development and subsequent translation of novel optical diagnostic tools for evaluating the pulmonary airways and lung.

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