Radiation Oncology Team We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to recruit and retain the brightest healthcare talent in the world. We take pride in the fact that all of this highly specialized personnel works closely together to provide an outstanding patient experience and to advance the world's understanding of radiation oncology and the treatment of cancer. In fact, our staff know and appreciate the value of their colleagues - in our annual Staff Perception Survey, more than 90% of our staff agree or strongly agree that their co-workers are committed to doing quality work. And our team is very clear about their purpose - 95% state that they know what is expected of them at work and an equal number state that they have a solid understanding of the department's goals and that the mission of the department makes them feel that their job is important. We believe a highly satisfied staff leads to a highly satisfactory patient experience!

We make it an ongoing effort to recognize our staff and to foster a diverse and welcoming work environment. Our annual Staff Appreciation Week and yearly Holiday Party provide fun opportunities for staff to be recognized. The MGH Cancer Center's one hundred also provides an important way for patients and others to nominate and honor radiation oncology staff. The Department's Multicultural Leadership Committee identifies ways to recruit, mentor, recognize and retain strong and diverse talent in all roles so that our workforce represents the patients we serve. This group also works to ensure that we provide culturally competent care to patients who seek our care from all over the globe. But perhaps the best way to recognize our staff is to ask them for input and trust their judgement - we purposely provide many formal and informal forums for staff to ask questions and offer suggestions, always with the goal of trying to continuously improve upon patient and staff workflow and satisfaction.

Since staff enjoy working at MGH and serving our patients, our staff turnover and vacancy rate is low, and we value the longstanding service of our employees and the continuity of care they provide. Employment opportunities are limited and competitive, but if you're interested in a job in MGH Radiation Oncology, please click on Career Opportunities.

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