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Name of fellowship: Abdominal Imaging & Intervention Fellowship (2 Year)

Short description: This two-year fellowship involves both abdominal imaging and interventional radiology and allow eligibility for the vascular/intervention CAQ examination.

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Overview: <table border="0" width="227" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="right"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="right" valign="top"><img class="img-border" style="border: 0pt none;" src="/radiology/assets/images/fellowships/education_abd_215x133.jpg" alt="" width="215" height="133" /></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>This is a two-year fellowship, which involves both abdominal imaging and interventional radiology. The fellow will receive considerable exposure to abdominal imaging and non-vascular intervention. The fellow will be able to have an elective in vascular radiology, which will expose him/her to all aspects of vascular imaging and intervention. This elective can be for a period of six&nbsp;months and will allow the fellow to be eligible for the vascular/intervention CAQ examination.<br /> <br /> In addition, this fellowship involves intensive training in ultrasound, CT, MRI and general fluoroscopy in the abdomen and pelvis. The fellow will have rotations in all aspects of GI and GU radiology.<br /> <br /> Imaging cases include greater than 60 CT scans/day, greater than 100 ultrasounds/day, greater than 10 MRI/day and up to 15-20 general fluoroscopy/day.<br /> <br /> Intervention includes exposure to all biliary and genitourinary procedures, such as biliary drainage, gall bladder drainage, gastrostomy, abscess drainage, biopsy, etc. 15-20 non-vascular interventional cases per day.</p>



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Thank you for your interest in the Abdominal Imaging and Intervention Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. To be considered for the fellowship, the following materials are required:

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The information should be sent to:

Ronald Arellano, MD
Fellowship Director, Abdominal Imaging and Intervention
Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Radiology
Division of Abdominal Imaging and Intervention
55 Fruit Street, White 270
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: 617-726-8396
Fax: 617-726-4891


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