Clinical Division: Pediatric Imaging

  Michael Gee, MD Director, Pediatric Imaging Division
  Michael S. Gee, MD, PhD
Director, Pediatric Imaging Division

The members of the Division of Pediatric Imaging at MassGeneral Hospital for Children work as a team to provide family-centered care to patients.

From the moment patients enter either of our sites they will be greeted by friendly, professional staff who will endeavor to make the experience of both patient and family as pleasant as possible. Team members understand that the entire process of having a sick child can be stressful, and it is our goal to provide services in a caring and supportive environment. Each patient is treated as an individual and the concerns of family members are appropriately addressed.

The pediatric radiologists are active in graduate medical education at all levels, and Mass General offers an ACGME accredited pediatric radiology fellowship.

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