Friday, November 11, 2011

Pediatric Imaging Waiting Room Gets New Look

In the newly renovated Pediatric Imaging Waiting Room on Ellison 2, a gorilla lounges under the iconic Citgo sign, while a giraffe strolls past Fenway Park. The “Jungle Takes Over Boston” themed mural captured everyone’s imagination during the room’s November 3 unveiling ceremony.

Pediatric Imaging Waiting Room

The new Pediatric Imaging Waiting Room features this mural titled "Jungle Takes Over Boston."

“My favorite scene in there is the Citgo sign,” said Maureen Seluta, the Ellison Radiology Unit Operations Manager. “It’s quintessential Boston.” 

Staff members scanned the walls and pillars taking in a variety of creatures traipsing through Boston’s historical sites, including a lobster in a pot and Wally the Green Monster swinging from a vine. Staff challenged each other to find the elusive Boston Tea Party reference.

The renovation was sparked by the building of the connector between the Lunder and Ellison buildings, which took space away from the imaging reading room, said Debra A. Gervais, MD, chief of Pediatric Imaging. The new waiting room is smaller, but Gervais said it led to the room getting a much needed makeover.

Child life specialist Kathryn M. Weagle suggested they hire local artist Elisabeth Reickert to create the mural. Weagle said Reickert worked with the imaging staff to develop a new design for the space. The team wanted a kid-friendly design that wasn’t too infantile. In August, Reickert began coming in on weekends to paint the mural in sections.

“The parents are very excited about the mural and so are the kids,” said Gervais.

The room also boasts a TV, multi-player gaming console, books and a variety of toys.

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