Monday, December 9, 2013

Mass General exhibits lauded at RSNA 2013


Mass General radiologists and researchers received 25 awards in recognition of educational and scientific exhibits presented at last week's annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Magna Cum Laude

ILC on Tomosynthesis: Now You Can See It! P.A. Dang, MD; K.L. Humphrey, MD; P.E. Freer, MD; E.A. Rafferty, MD

Irreversible Electroporation in the Abdomen: A Primer for Interventionalists. A.R. Kambadakone, MD, FRCR; R.N. Uppot, MD; R. Oklu, MD, PhD; D.A. Gervais, MD; P.R. Mueller, MD; R.S. Arellano, MD

Cum Laude

Tubes and Lines Illuminated. S.O. Verzosa, MD; M.D. Gilman, MD; G.F. Abbott, MD; C.C. Wu, MD; J.O. Shepard, MD

Temporal Bone Trauma: Imaging Findings, Pitfalls, and Clinical Implications. D.T. Ginat, MD; A. Quesnel, MD; G. Moonis, MD

Particle Embolization: Past, Present, Future. R.A. Sheth, MD; P.D. Sutphin, MD, PhD; Z. Irani, MD; D.S. Kong, PhD; R. Oklu, MD, PhD

Pathogenesis of Mycotic Aneurysms. J. Rho, BSc; B. Alexander, BA; R.L. Hesketh; A.M. Prabhakar, MD; Z. Irani, MD; R. Oklu, MD, PhD

Certificate of Merit Awards

Best Itinerary for Use of Iterative Reconstruction (IR) Techniques in Pediatric CT: Sharing Lessons Learned across Different CT Platforms. R.D. Khawaja, MBBS, MD; S. Singh, MD; M.S. Gee, MD, PhD; R. Lim, MD; A. Padole, MD; M.K. Kalra, MD

Seeing through the Fog: A Review of the Hot Topic of Breast Density. P.E. Freer, MD

Abnormalities of Nipple and Areola: A Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation Study. D.L. Bennett, MD; M.A. Saksena, MD; E. Brachtel, MD; M.C. Specht, MD; E.A. Rafferty, MD

Circumscribed Lobulated Masses on Tomosynthesis: Beware the Pitfall! P.A. Dang, MD; K.L. Humphrey, MD; P.E. Freer, MD; E.A. Rafferty, MD

Growing Pains – How to Approach Breast Lesions in Children and Adolescents. Y. Gao, MD; M.A. Saksena, MD; D.C. terMeulen, MD; E. Brachtel, MD; E.A. Rafferty, MD

C-arm CT versus Multidetector CT for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR): Side by Side Comparison. S. Abbara, MD; L. Azzalini; B.B. Ghoshhajra, MD

“Don’t Swallow That!”: A Review of Ingested and Inhaled Foreign Bodies in Children and Their Clinical Significance for Radiologists. B.S. Pugmire, MD; R. Lim, MD; L.L. Avery, MD

Challenges in MR Imaging for Suspected Acute Appendicitis in Pregnant Patients. A.K. Singh, MD; N.G. Ditkofsky, MD; M.G. Harisinghani, MD; R.A. Novelline, MD; S. Saini, MD

Body MR Imaging: Artifacts, K-space & Solutions. P. Patel, MD; R. Seethmraju, PhD; J. Kirsch, PhD; P.F. Hahn, MD, PhD; A.R. Guimaraes, MD, PhD

Image Guided Ablation in Hepatic Malignancies: Which, Why, When and How to Do It? A.S. Shenoy-Bhangle, MD; A.R. Kambadakone, MD, FRCR; R.N. Uppot, MD; P.R. Mueller, MD; A. Thabet, MD; D.A. Gervais, MD; R.S. Arellano, MD

Essentials of Statistical Methods for Assessing Reliability and Agreement in Quantitative Imaging. A. Anvari, MD; A.E. Samir, MD; E.F. Halpern, PhD

Nonparametric Tests in Radiology Clinical Research. A. Anvari, MD; A.E. Samir, MD; E.F. Halpern, PhD

Quantification in Imaging Re-imagined: Evidence-based Approach in Exploring Imaging Biomarkers. A. Imanzadeh, MD; A.K. Singh, MD; G. Choy, MD, MS; S. Saini, MD; G.J. Harris, PhD

Radiological Features of Chemobrain. D.T. Ginat, MD; W.A. Mehan, MD, MBA; P.W. Schaefer, MD

Image Guided Treatment in Hepatobiliary System: Role of Imaging in Treatment Planning and Post Treatment Evaluation. S. Bajpai, MBBS, DMRD; A.R. Guimaraes, MD, PhD; A.R. Kambadakone, MD, FRCR; R.S. Arellano, MD; D.V. Sahani, MD

Image Guided Ablation in Renal Cell Carcinoma: Which, Why, When and How to Do It? S. McDermott, FFRRCSI; A.R. Kambadakone, MD, FRCR; R.N. Uppot, MD; P.R. Mueller, MD; D.A. Gervais, MD; R.S. Arellano, MD

Ablative Therapies in the Treatment of Renovascular Hypertension. A.B. Paul, MD; A. Golberg; R.L. Hesketh; A.R. Kambadakone, MD, FRCR; R. Oklu, MD, PhD

Intratumoral Vascular Shunting: Conduit for Circulating Tumor Cells and Their Role in Metastasis. A.R. Deipolyi, MD, PhD; R. Oklu, MD, PhD

Ghrelin Busters: A Novel Approach to Weight Loss Treatment. E.J. Hamilton, BA; A.J. Gunn, MD; R.L. Hesketh, MB, BCh, MPhil; R. Oklu, MD, PhD



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