Arnaud is a research fellow at MGH. His interest in biology started while completing his master's thesis in computer science and multimedia. He was interested in applying programming and mathematical methods to model and understand the biological world. After working on the mechanics of the cytoskeleton at the IUH in Paris and on signal transduction networks and the Weizmann Institute of Science, he started a PhD at EPFL to understand how the sequence modulates the shape of the DNA moelcule, in order to shed light on the mechanics of gene regulation. After a short postdoc on circadian rhythms at EPFL, he started as a computational biologist at the Center for Computational Discovery, at MGH. He is mining diverse genomic datasets, including RNA-sequencing of tumors, protein sequence evolution, survival data and drug screening data in order to shed light on general cancer mechanisms of tumor progression and drug resistance.

Contact: Amzallag.Arnaud@mgh.harvard.eduArnaud Amzallag

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