About Cheyanne Woodrow

Cheyanne Woodrow is a community organizer with the CARE Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. Cheyanne grew up in Roxbury, Massachusetts and is committed to the equitable growth of their neighborhood. Cheyanne is currently studying psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston in hopes of gaining a Master’s in Counseling to serve the Black trans community and their families. In addition, they aim to get their nursing degree.

For the past five years, Cheyanne has been a community organizer with a youth organization called the City School. They started their community organizing when they were 16 years old and has stayed committed to social equity ever since. Currently, they are in fact a Board Member of the organization from which they started their journey.

Cheyanne has a passion for helping marginalized communities understand their social positions in life to heal and gain agency in a world shaped by colonialism and capitalism. They have dedicated themselves to the study and praxis of social determinants and intersectionality as a means towards liberation.

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