The administration department of the Translational and Clinical Research Center (TCRC) manages the grant funds, calculates ancillary support for investigator-initiated studies, facilitates administrative interactions between staff members and study teams and maintains computer systems and the website.


125 Nashua Street, 8th Floor Suite 823


Administration General Office Hours:

Monday - Friday:
07:00am - 3:30pm


  • Processing new applications
  • Coordinating protocol review with all disciplines, including scientific review
  • Reviewing and approving ancillary requests for individual protocols
  • Managing financial and other administrative reporting to sponsor
  • Managing grant financial activity for the CRC/TRC
  • Billing study teams for above standard activity
  • Maintaining TCRC computer systems, including those related to scheduling of research subjects
  • Maintaining the TCRC website


What if our research subject receives a bill for a study visit?

Please fax [617-724-3299] or deliver the bill or invoice to TCRC administration on 125 Nashua Street, Suite 823 and we will investigate. If it is appropriate for the TCRC to pay for services on this invoice, we will provide the fund number to the billing agency. If it is not a service covered by our grant, we will notify you.

Will the TCRC pay for professional fees?

TCRC regulations prohibit our funds from being used for payment of professional fees.

What visit information do you need to provide?

You may be asked to provide visit information on an ancillary only visit or other offsite visit. If your study has offsite visits, please contact Faith Fortune for the form to be completed on a monthly basis for your study.


Each publication, press release or other document that cites results from NIH grant-supported research much include an acknowledgement of NIH grant support and a disclaimer.  Please refer to How to Reference a Publication to the TCRC.


How long is the study approval process?

Studies are generally approved on the TCRC within 30 days of submission. Approval of a study could be affected by a delay in HRC approval and/or delays in responses from the TCRC reviewers and/or investigator.

What is the process for approval of a protocol?

See Information for Investigators on our website.

In summary, the TCRC protocol team, including scientific reviewers, reviews the protocol and provides comments on a critique sheet. The critique sheet is edited and forwarded to the Principal Investigator for a response. Approval is contingent on a satisfactory response to the critique, finalizing study orders and completing scheduling templates.

Once this process is complete, a TCRC Approval Letter is sent to the PI from Faith Fortune. Scheduling may then commence.

If you have any specific questions, please contact: