The Information Technology Unit at the Division of Clinical Research supports the increasing information technology needs of Massachusetts General Hospital's clinical and fundamental investigative community.

The broad goal of the Information Technology Unit (ITU) is to support the increasing information technology needs of the Massachusetts General Hospital research community.

The Unit's specific approaches to meeting this goal have been:

  • Improving existing information management resources, while creating a broad, new information management infrastructure to support the work of the clinical research community at Mass General and Partners HealthCare
  • Providing IT management support for Mass General clinical investigators, including assisting in the recruitment of study subjects and supporting the Division of Clinical Research's (DCR's) educational initiatives
  • Establishing ongoing partnerships with clinical researchers to pilot applications and studies with new clinical informatics-based interventions that will create reusable technology platforms
  • Envisioning and creating transformative informatics and IT solutions for the clinical research community and beyond

The DCR’s informatics tools help investigators identify potential study subjects, navigate the patient registry system and find relevant information to support the execution of clinical research studies.