The Survey Research Unit provides expertise in all aspects of survey design, implementation, analysis and reporting.

The Survey Research Program in the Division of Clinical Research at Massachusetts General Hospital provides consultation and training in survey methods to gather high quality, high value data from diverse patient and professional populations. Program leaders have demonstrated expertise in the use of surveys for health and clinical practice as well as health policy and have collaborated widely with leaders, programs and investigators.

This program provides consultations to leaders and investigators on survey design and development, sampling strategies, data collection and response rate enhancement, provides survey consultations and advice for all aspects of study design, execution and interpretation of survey data. Program faculty and staff have led hundreds of surveys in local, regional, national and international contexts, including surveys with patients and health professionals in more than 20 different languages.

Types of Consultation

  1. Proposal Development
  2. Sample Design and Sources
  3. Questionnaire Development
  4. Questionnaire Review and Training
  5. Interviewer Training
  6. Survey Translation
  7. Data Collection Methods
  8. Response Rate Calculation
  9. Data Quality
  10. IRB Submission and Review
  11. Data Analysis Strategies
  12. Reporting Survey Data

New Online Course in 3 Modules:  Survey Design, Questions and Questionnaires, Data Collection and Response Rate