Postgraduate researchers are a vital part of the research enterprise at Massachusetts General Hospital, and we have developed a variety of avenues to support them.

Office for Research Career Development

The Office for Research Career Development (ORCD), under the auspices of the Center for Faculty Development, was formed in 2005 to address the specific needs of the Mass General research faculty and trainees.

Areas of emphasis for this office include:

  • Developing programs to advance the career development pathways of research faculty and trainees in an academic medical center environment
  • Strengthening the career guidance and mentoring offered to trainees
  • Enhancing communication within the research community
  • Providing individual counseling, advice and support

Examples of ORCD offerings include: a Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Series, Grant Writing Workshops, New Investigator Advancement Initiatives, English as a Second Language Programs and an Annual Research Fellows Poster Collaboration to celebrate the work of postdoctoral researchers. 

The ORCD also acts as an advisor to the Massachusetts General Postdoc Association.

Visit the ORCD website

Massachusetts General Postdoc Association

The Massachusetts General Postdoc Association (MGPA) was formed by postdoctoral researchers at Mass General to serve as a platform for interaction between postdoctoral researchers. It gives researchers a forum to interact outside the laboratory, and provides excellent leadership opportunities.

The MGPA organizes seminars on research science and career development, acts as a liaison between postdocs and Mass General administrators and provides opportunities for networking and socialization.

It also connects Mass General researchers with local and national postdoc associations.


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