An overview of resources for researchers working at Massachusetts General Hospital, including funding, administrative support, core facilities, education and consultation services and more.

The Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute was established to guide, support and promote the hospital’s existing research enterprise. Here is a brief overview of resources available to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital. For a complete list, please visit the Mass General Research Intranet (log-in required).

Core Facilities

The research core facilities at Massachusetts General Hospital and throughout the Partners Healthcare System offer state-of-the-art instrumentation, methodologies and expertise.

Executive Committee on Research (ECOR)

ECOR provides guidance on research growth and priorities to the senior leadership at Massachusetts General Hospital, hosts monthly meetings for the research community and plays a vital role in shaping policies. ECOR also operates a major grants program, offering both specific awards to support outstanding MGH researchers and Interim Support grants to Mass General investigators during lapses in their NIH funding.

Division of Clinical Research

The Division of Clinical Research promotes science at the clinical–research interface. Its mission is to increase the quality, quantity, and efficiency of translating basic science advances into improved care for our patients. The division sponsors a total of 9 centers and 10 units, each of which has a specific mission to assist investigators conducting clinical research.

Office of Research Career Development

The ORCD, Office for Research Career Development, addresses the specific needs of the research faculty and trainees at Mass General.

Office of the Scientific Director

The mission of the Office of the Scientific Director is to promote the Research Institute to external audiences, including the public, philanthropic donors and members of industry.

Research Management

The Research Management office is led by the Senior Vice President for Research and directs all research support operations, including Research Finance and Administration, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, the Center for Comparative Medicine, and the Research Space Management Group.

Research Space Management Group

The Research Space Management Group fosters an equitable and cost-effective use of research space and resources through data collection, unbiased analysis, and efficient project management while maintaining Massachusetts General Hospital and government policies.

Environmental Health and Safety

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