From the Lab Bench


July 2018

A look at some innovative programs designed to support and celebrate women researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital.

June 2018

Lab Day gives donors to our research program a first hand look at our science labs and centers; plus a recent survey offers new insights into skepticism about science.

May 2018

Mass General to play a role in recruitment for the NIH's All of Us Research Program; the Partners Biobank is a resource for researchers, and an infectious diseases specialist hunts for strategies to defeat a killer fungus.

April 2018

Mass General researchers take part in the Cambridge Science Festival; Nitya Jain, PhD, explores the connection between T cell development and the microbial population in the gut; and a list of fun books and science experiments for kids.

March 2018

Making connections between laboratory based research and clinical care, plus three profiles celebrating women in science and medicine.

February 2018

How Mass General researchers are working to find new cures for rare diseases, plus we celebrate Heart Health Month on the Research Institute blog.

January 2018

Mitchell studies how bacterial changes in the female reproductive tract affect birth outcomes and women's health; Salinas explores the connections between strong social networks and cognitive health in aging individuals.

From the Lab Bench 2017

December 2017

A spotlight on community research at Massachusetts General Hospital, plus a look back at research highlights from 2017.

November 2017

Save the date for the 2018 Celebration of Science, plus stories on a new approach to delivering gene therapy treatments, and untangling the connections between mental illness and cognitive decline in the elderly.

October 2017

Celebrating 20 years of the Claflin Distinguished Scholar Awards, good news on the long-term recovery from eating disorders, bioengineering livers in the lab and more.

September 2017

Recruitment begins for the All of Us Research Program; brain imaging studies offer new insights into the biological basis of behaviors in schizophrenia and autism and meet the researcher who wants to diagnose your cough with a smartphone.

August 2017

New marketing campaign highlights Mass General research, NIH cuts could imperil infectious disease research, and the benefits of serving as an elected ECOR representative.

July 2017

A communicating science success story, devising new ways to fight Shigella, and a study finds the first genetic answers to Tourette syndrome.

June 2017

How we're building new programs with industry, a smart new device for pancreatic cancer and notes of support for your science.

May 2017

Celebrating the important role of nurse researchers at Mass General.

April 2017

Mass General at the March for Science, new MGH Research Scholars and more. 

March 2017

Celebrating the role of women in science, plus our response to the proposed NIH cuts. 

February 2017

What's the "problem" with your research, plus investigating traumatic brain injuries in domestic violence and a new strategy for treating acute myeloid leukemia.

January 2017

A profile of Marcia Goldberg, MD, the new director of the Postdoctoral Division at Massachusetts General Hospital. Plus stories from our postdoc community and some more of our recent favorite science-themed podcasts and articles.

From the Lab Bench 2016

December 2016

Looking ahead to 2017, plus stories about a new browser for rare disease genetics research, the role Mass General will play in the All of Us precision medicine initiative and how Mass General researchers can use the Partners Biobank to support their research studies.

November 2016

The global reach of research at Massachusetts General Hospital, plus stories about extreme research, an Antarctic seal study and some of our favorite science podcasts.

October 2016

Highlights from our Art of Talking Science event at HUBweek, tips on science communication, more.

September 2016

A creative new approach to deep brain stimulation, racing cells for sepsis and predicting the impact of global HIV care.

August 2016

Tips for talking about science, including videos, helpful links and a downloadable tip sheet.

July 2016

Rethinking anesthesia, bacterial therapeutics and an MGH Research Scholar panel discussion.

June 2016

Growing adult stem cells in vivo, refining proton beam therapy and our communicating science event.

May 2016

An industry collaboration on Ig4 disease, using web-based quizzes to map the mind and a serious video game to help in decision-making for cancer patients.

April 2016

Introducing our new newsletter, the research of Brad Bernstein, the Partners HealthCare biobank helps in search for calciphylaxis research and a video introduction to the Mass General Research Institute.

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