Thursday, March 11, 2010

Andrew L. Warshaw, MD Institute Announces First Research Awards

Award recipients include:

  • David Ting, MD, to study gene expression profiling of pancreatic circulating tumor cells ($15,000 award).
  • Omer Yilmaz, MD, PhD, to study in vivo characterization of olfactomedin-4 and its prognostic implications in pancreatic cancer ($57,500 award).
  • Peter Caravan, PhD, to study molecular MR imaging of the desmoplastic response in pancreatic cancer ($57,500 award).
  • Nabeel Bardeesy, MD, PhD, to develop an integrative biology approach to dissect the role of epigenetic regulators in pancreatic cancer ($50,000 award).
  • Sarah Thayer, MD, for work on genetic mapping and cloning of a novel pancreatic cancer gene ($11,250 award).
  • Kevin Haigis, PhD, to research SIRT2 regulation of the oncogenicity of mutant K-RAS ($57,500 award).


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