From the Lab Bench is a monthly email newsletter from the Office of the Scientific Director at Massachusetts General Hospital.

July 2018

A look at some innovative programs designed to support and celebrate women researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital.

June 2018

Lab Day gives donors to our research program a first hand look at our science labs and centers; plus a recent survey offers new insights into skepticism about science.

May 2018

Mass General to play a role in recruitment for the NIH's All of Us Research Program; the Partners Biobank is a resource for researchers, and an infectious diseases specialist hunts for strategies to defeat a killer fungus.

April 2018

Mass General researchers take part in the Cambridge Science Festival; Nitya Jain, PhD, explores the connection between T cell development and the microbial population in the gut; and a list of fun books and science experiments for kids.

March 2018

Making connections between laboratory based research and clinical care, plus three profiles celebrating women in science and medicine.

February 2018

How Mass General researchers are working to find new cures for rare diseases, plus we celebrate Heart Health Month on the Research Institute blog.

January 2018

Mitchell studies how bacterial changes in the female reproductive tract affect birth outcomes and women's health; Salinas explores the connections between strong social networks and cognitive health in aging individuals.