Translational Research

Massachusetts General Hospital provides a uniquely productive setting for translational research by pairing a vast fundamental research enterprise with one of the top clinical programs in the country. This provides excellent opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The translation of scientific discoveries to clinical practice is rapidly rising on the list of research priorities, as stakeholders adjust to changing realities regarding:

  • The levels and sources of funding for biomedical research
  • Increasing sponsor expectations for clinically relevant and commercially viable research results
  • Growing recognition that pressing biomedical problems have a better chance of being solved in research environments with contributors from multiple disciplines

Massachusetts General Hospital is ideally positioned to contribute to and benefit from this burgeoning emphasis on translational research. Its mission—to excel in clinical medicine and scientific research, and to lead in training for both—contains the essential ingredients for successful translational research initiatives that will improve patient care.

We do this by:

  • Launching training programs in translational research (teaching our investigators how to interact with industry)
  • Collaborating in early-stage translation through our Strategic Alliances initiative
  • Opening the Translational Research Center, an 18-bed in-patient facility for proof-of-concept clinical trials
  • Creating a series of "Think Tanks" that bring together researchers, venture capitalists and members of industry to brainstorm solutions for challenges in rare diseases, neurodegeneration and other key areas of need
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