Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center (CIRC)

Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center (CIRC)

The Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School is dedicated to developing and leveraging novel imaging techniques to address important cardiovascular issues.



The Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center (CIRC) @ MGH and HMS brings together a group of researchers that are using advanced cardiovascular imaging to improve patient health. CIRC creates new opportunities to use the combined power of AI and Imaging for biomarker discovery and improvements in population health, multisystem imaging to unlock the secrets of how external stress leads to brain activation that advances atherosclerosis, and how to address the excess risk of cardiovascular disease among patients with cancer.
Our goal is to perform research that is uniquely impactful and changes in clinical practice. As such, we thrive to break down silos and cross boundaries. We are asking the difficult questions for today’s major healthcare problems.

Are there mechanistically sound pathophysiological pathways that explain novel insights? Do new markers have the potential to improve health outcomes in an economically viable fashion?
For this, we are pioneering multisystem imaging biomarker discovery - from coronary atherosclerosis to vascular inflammation to amygdala activity to myocardial fibrosis to deep learning based biological age – and conduct benchmark clinical trials – Randomized Trial to Prevent Vascular Events in HIV, myocardial fibrosis and function after anthracyclines using MR (STOP-CA), the effect of methotrexate on vascular inflammation with PET in HIV (CIRT PET sub-study), the effect of statins on myocardial fibrosis and fat in HIV (REPRIEVE-MR), and the effect of novel immune therapies for cancer on cardiovascular structure and function.   
In addition, we host a T- 32 training program in cardiovascular imaging that provides high quality mentoring for MD’s and PhD's and many of our trainees have become leaders in the field themselves.

If you are interested in collaboration or application. Please email Farah Adam.



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Udo Hoffmann, MD, MPH

Udo Hoffmann, MD, MPH

Director, Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH
Division Chief, Cardiovascular Imaging
Professor of Radiology, HMS

Ahmed Tawakol, MD

Ahmed Tawakol, MD

Associate Director, Nuclear Cardiology, MGH
Co-Director, Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH
Director of Integrative Bio-Imaging Program, MGH
Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS

Tomas G. Neilan, MD, MRCPI, MPH

Tomas G. Neilan, MD, MPH, MRCPI

Director, Cardio-Oncology Program, MGH
Co-Director, Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH
Associate Director, T32 Program in Cardiovascular Imaging
Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS

Brian B. Ghoshhajra, MD, MBA, FSCCT

Brian B. Ghoshhajra, MD, MBA

Service Chief, Cardiovascular Imaging, MGH
Program Director, Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship, Radiology, MGH
Assistant Professor of Radiology, HMS

Sandeep Hedgire, MBBS

Sandeep Hedgire, MBBS

Assistant Clinical Director CV Division, Vascular Imaging, MGH
Attending Radiologist, Cardiovascular Imaging, MGH
Instructor in Radiology, HMS

Michael T. Lu, MD

Michael T. Lu, MD

Director of Research, Division of Cardiovascular Imaging, MGH
Assistant Professor of Radiology, HMS

Nina (Nandini) M. Meyersohn, MD

Nina (Nandini) M. Meyersohn, MD

Associate Program Director, Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship, MGH
Instructor of Radiology, HMS

George R. Oliveira, MD

George R. Oliveira, MD

Co-Director Cardiovascular Imaging, MGH
Instructor in Radiology, HMS

Anand M. Prabhakar, MD, MBA

Anand M. Prabhakar, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor of Radiology, HMS

Ravi Shah, MD

Ravi Shah, MD

Associate Physician, Heart Failure and Transplant Section, MGH
Instructor in Medicine, HMS



Parastou Eslami, PhD

Parastou Eslami, PhD

T-32 Research Fellow,
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH/HMS

Magid Awadalla, MD, MRCPI

Magid Awadalla, MD, MRCPI

Research Fellow,
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH/HMS

Michael T. Osborne, MD

Michael T. Osborne, MD

T32 Clinical and Research Fellow,
Cardiology and Radiology, MGH/HMS

Julia Karady, MD

Julia Karady, MD

PhD Research Fellow,
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH/HMS

Dahlia Banerji, MD

Dahlia Banerji, MD

T32 Clinical and Research Fellow,
Cardiology and Radiology, MGH/HMS

Raza M Alvi, MD

Raza M Alvi, MD

T32 Research Fellow,
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center,
Cardiology and Radiology, MGH/HMS

Malek Zaal Hassan, MD, MSc

Malek Zaal Hassan, MD, MSc

Research Fellow, Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH
Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation student, HMS

Azar Radfar, MSc, PhD, MD

Azar Radfar, MSc, PhD, MD

PhD Research Fellow,
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH/HMS

Lili Zhang, MD

Lili Zhang, MD

T32 Research Fellow,
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center,
Cardiology and Radiology, MGH/HMS

Jana Taron, MD

Jana Taron, MD

Research Fellow,
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, MGH/HMS











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Careers & Training

T32 postdoctoral fellowship (only for US citizens or permanent residents)


Postdoctoral fellowship (open to US or international MDs and PhDs)


Predoctoral Fellowship (Pre-med or medical students):

For further information please contact:

Tamara Babenko
Cardiac MR PET CT Fellowship Program
Massachusetts General Hospital
165 Cambridge St, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-643-0239





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