Physics Research for Radiation Oncology

Research efforts are focused on developing radiation treatment techniques to optimize physical dose conformation to the tumor target volume and to increase the precision of the dose application.


Physics Research Website:

Basic Areas of Research include:

Physical dose conformation
We explore and develop radiation treatment techniques for optimum physical dose conformation to the tumor target volume. Our efforts are focused on proton radiotherapy and advanced photon treatments, as well as on their comparison.

Biological modeling
As a basis for treatment optimization we model the relationship between the dose distribution and the clinical outcome. Also, for proton radiotherapy we model the relative biological effectiveness. 

Intensity modulation is crucial both in photon radiotherapy (IMXT) and in proton radiotherapy (IMPT). In particular, we develop new IMPT methods.

We develop concepts and methods to consider the time component in the whole radiotherapy chain, from imaging over planning and optimization to treatment delivery.

To increase the precision of the dose application we develop new targeting techniques. To increase the accuracy of the dose prediction we perform Monte Carlo simulations.

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