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The Medically Engineered Solutions in Healthcare (MESH™) Incubator is a novel in-house prototyping, 3-D printing and entrepreneurship incubator designed to harness clinical ideas and translate them into impactful products and services to improve patient care.



The Medically Engineered Solutions in Healthcare (MESH™) Incubator is an in-house creation group and prototyping lab developed within the Mass General Department of Radiology in July 2016. MESH is designed to capture key clinical needs on the ground level and accelerate simple solutions to produce patents and intellectual property licenses. It is the first integrated innovation incubator of its kind in a medical training program.

MESH has also developed the first core innovation curriculum in any physician resident training program, in any medical specialty. Residents rotate through the MESH Core Residency Design Curriculum (CRDC™) and optionally the advanced Core Invention Design Curriculum (CIDC™).


MESH curricula focus on teaching the fundamental tenants of idea generation and validation, 3-D printing, artificial intelligence and informatics, device and software prototyping, intellectual property, corporate structuring and entrepreneurship.

MESH has published pioneering work in innovation education in peer-reviewed medical journals and presented data at international medical conferences.

For more information about MESH, please email Marc D. Succi, MD, Founder & Executive Director of the MESH Incubator (

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Comments from previous physicians who have participated in the MESH CRDC™

“Excellent course. I feel extremely well informed on multiple aspects on the innovation. [The MESH CRDC] will be fundamental in my future medical practice"

“Fantastic course, is a wonderful break from the nitty gritty of radiology and re-establishes a mindset of creativity and divergent thinking, which are key components of any doctor.”

“I feel comfortable 3D printing a model of something that I could compose myself using the software that was given to us. I also learned a lot about what I wanted to know about how to take an idea/research project from start to finish”

“Very informative and excellently structured course that is a great addition to the curriculum.”





Founder & Executive Director


Founding Board of Advisors:



2018 MESH CRDC™ Course Alumni:

  • Ben Kozak, MD
  • Vincent Wu, MD 
  • Evan Stone, MD 
  • Craig Audin, MD 
  • Brooks Applewhite, MD 
  • Juan Villa Camacho, MD 
  • RJ Dahmi, MD 
  • Bill Bradley, MD 
  • Joe King, MD 
  • Monica Johnson, MD 
  • Raj Kapoor, MD



Innovator Series

MESH organizes and hosts periodic seminars from interesting and cutting-edge leaders in the healthcare innovation space in Boston and beyond. For more information and the latest schedules, see


For More Information

 Marc D. Succi, MD

Marc D. Succi, MD, Executive Director


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