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The Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC) has a fully operational transgenic mouse/ES cell culture facility for investigations by the faculty and their post-and predoctoral trainees.  The facility, equipped with an inverted scope, full micromanipulation apparatus, and two dissection scopes, has a video camera set up for observation and teaching.  The facility also includes dedicated tissue culture hoods and incubators.  Various experiments including microdissections and in utero manipulations are conducted routinely.  CBRC has a microscopy core facility equipped with a Leica confocal and Nikon/Zeiss fluorescent microscopes.  A flow core facility, which includes a high speed MOFLO, 3 laser sorters and a BD FACScan is also on site.  The CBRC has a newly established Core for Chemical Genetics and Translational Research. This Facility assists CBRC PIs in the development of high throughput screening assay for small molecules and provides access to the screening facility at the Broad Institute at MIT/Harvard. In addition, it also develops and performs in vitro and in vivo validation of the small molecule “hits” as well as modification of the “drugable” lead compounds.

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Facilities & Equipment


1.  Microscopy Core

2.  Transgenic Mouse Core


1. Microscopy Core

The Confocal Microscopy Core is currently equipped with a Leica TCS NT 4D confocal microscope with the capability of collecting images simultaneously from three channels. Supervised by the microscopy core coordinator the microscope core has provided extensive imaging assistance for CBRC researchers and outside users. The core coordinator currently provides training in confocal and conventional microscopy and assistance in interpreting, analyzing and processing images by using image processing and graphics software. The core coordinator also serves as a source of information on confocal microscopy and immunohistochemistry and provides consultation for investigators whose research projects require these techniques. In addition to providing imaging assistance to the investigators in CBRC, the microscope core is also open to the MGH research community on a fee for service basis.

Contact Information
Core Director: Kristin White, Ph.D.
Tel: 617 726-4440
E-mail: kristin.white@cbrc2.mgh.harvard.edu

2. Transgenic Mouse Core

The transgenic core provides services, which includes microinjection of oocytes and transplantation of embryos into foster recipients for the generation of transgenic mice. ES cells injections and blastocysts transplantation to generate knockout mice is also covered. Assistance is given to all investigators with their transgenic project related functions which include construct design, DNA preparation, mouse handling, genotyping, and colony generation. The facility is also equipped for the cryopreservation of 8-cell mouse embryos. Help is also provided to other transgenic facilities within and outside MGH with troubleshooting in problem areas.

Contact Information
Core Director: Katia Georgopoulos, Ph.D.
Tel:617 726-4445
E-mail: katia.georgopoulos@cbrc2.mgh.harvard.edu

Core Coordinator: Lin Wu, Med.D., Ph.D.
Tel: 617 724-8124
E-mail: lin.wu@cbrc2.mgh.harvard.edu

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