Mood & Anxiety Disorders Institute (MADI)

The Center translates the latest research advances into practical information to help people work with their doctors toward the most accurate diagnosis and best possible treatment results.


The Center offers information, resources and support through its web sites, reading materials, support groups, and seminars for the public – all free of charge. Recent public education programs have featured leading researchers presenting findings on a broad range of mental health topics including: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, alternative and complementary medicine, mental health in teens, and mood and memory in older adults.

In order to raise awareness of the unique challenges that people with mental health conditions and their families often face in the community, and to promote the highest quality mental health care, the MADI Resource Center provides educational opportunities for professionals such as counselors, nurses, educators and professionals in the legal field.

Group Members

Staff & Advisors


The Mood & Anxiety Disorders Institute (MADI) Resource Center is directed by Ms. Karen Blumenfeld, who received her MBA from Yale University, MSW from the University of Michigan School of Social Work, and BA in Psychology from Smith College. The Mood & Anxiety Disorders Institute (MADI) Resource Center has a dedicated staff that is supported by the full breadth of resources in the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Department.

The MADI Resource Center’s Advisors are made up of leading mental health professionals as well as lay people who are passionate about educating patients, families and the community, and are deeply committed to the MADI Resource Center’s mission.


Karen Blumenfeld, MBA, MSW, Director
Jessica Solodar, Senior Writer

Sean Ward, Financial Manager
Hannah Lund, Research Assistant
Rebecca Ametrano, Research Assistant

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