Vector Development and Production

The Neuroscience Center Vector Core was established to meet the increasing need of researchers for recombinant viral vectors capable of achieving efficient and long-lasting genetic modification of cells in primary cultures and living animals.


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AAV vectors made available through the core carry AAV2 ITR elements serotyped with either AAV1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, or rh10 capsids. AAVs are purified by density gradient centrifugation, followed by FPLC chromatography. Featuring a number of fluorescent proteins, secreted and cytosolic luciferases, bicistronic constructs and tissue-specific promoters, our AAVs are useful for infecting cell cultures as well as tissues in living organisms.


ItemPHSNon-PHS priceTiter
AAV $1,500 $2,160 10 11- 10 13 gc/mL


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Lentiviral vectors made available through the Core are cary HIV-1 LTRs, pseudotyped with the VSV-G envelope protein.


ItemPHS priceNon- PHS priceTiter
Small-scale lentivirus $500 $720 10 6- 10 8 IU/mL
Concentrated lentivirus $1,000 $1,440 10 9- 10 10 IU/mL


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Plasmid Prep
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In order to achieve the highest viral titer possible, the MGH Vector Core requires sterile, endotoxin-free plasmid DNA from its customers. While commercial DNA prep kits are available, many labs find it more convenient and cost-effective to have us do this for them. Below is a table showing the cost for our Plasmid Preparation.


Starting materialPHS priceNon-PHS price
LB-agar plate $175 $252
Glycerol stock $175 $252
Mini-prepped DNA $250 $360
Maxi-prepped DNA $250 $360

Plasmid Sharing
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ItemPHS priceNon-PHS priceTiter
Concentrated retrovirus $1,200 $1,728 10 6- 10 8 IU/mL

Virus Aliquots
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VirusPHS priceNon-PHS price
AAV aliquot $250 $360
Lentivirus aliquot $150 $216
Concentrated lentivirus aliquot $200 $288


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