MGH Research Scholars Notebook

Volume 6

Jacob Hooker, PhD, uses PET imaging to identify differences in the brains of individuals with schizophrenia, Richa Saxena, PhD, has a new study with genetic insights into night owls and early risers, Andy Yun, PhD, is using tiny lasers to study individual cells to better understand cancer and our immune system and more.

Volume 5

Advances in cystic fibrosis research from Dr. Jay Rajagopal, insights into the genetics of heart disease from Dr. Sek Kathiresan, the Nahrendorf Lab discovers tiny tunnels in the skull that are used by immune cells to travel to the brain, and lots more.

Volume 4

Lab Day event provides a behind the scenes look at Mass General research, Dr. Gary Tearney credits the MGH Research Scholars Program as key to his success, Dr. Daphne Holt is featured on a podcast about mothers in medicine, plus more.

Volume 3

Gary Tearney, MD, PhD, is named the inaugural incumbent of the Remondi Family Endowed MGH Research Institute Chair, plus events, announcements and much more.

Volume 2

Nicholas Dyson, PhD, is the host of the Advances at Mass General Cancer Center podcast series; Hakho Lee, PhD, was part of a research team that developed a keychain sized food allergy tester; the research of Cammie Lesser, MD, PhD, was featured in a blog post by National Institutes of Health Director Francis H. Collins, plus lots more.

Volume 1

Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, named chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital; Sekar Kathiresan, MD, named a 2017 Distinguished Scientist by the American Heart Association, Filip Swirski, PhD, presents at Harvard Mini Med School, a community outreach program at Harvard Medical School, plus lots more.

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