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Explore current research projects in the Schizophrenia Program or search our open clinical trials and medical research studies.

Research Labs

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  • Genetics Program

    Genetics Program

    The Schizophrenia Program is involved in a wide range of genetic research projects in collaboration with genetic laboratories at Harvard Medical School and other institutions.

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  • Healthy Lifestyles Program

    Healthy Lifestyles Program

    At the Healthy Lifestyles Program, people with schizophrenia receive state-of-the-art intervention for weight loss, diabetes prevention, cardiovascular fitness, and improved overall health.

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  • Intervention Clinical Trials Program

    Intervention Clinical Trials Program

    The Intervention Clinical Trials Program research team seeks better medication options to treat schizophrenia symptoms and mitigate the medical problems associated with existing medications.

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  • Neuroimaging Program

    Neuroimaging Lab

    The Schizophrenia Program Neuroimaging Investigators use MRI and other imaging technologies to conduct cutting-edge research on the neurobiological basis of schizophrenia.

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