LMR Tutorial 

Providers use the LMR to document patient problems, procedures, medications, allergies, health maintenance topics, and encounter notes. The LMR is also used to write prescriptions and to communicate with other providers. Currently, LMR has over 4,000 physician users and is in the process of expanding to community practices.

This resource allows providers who use the LMR to become familiar with the tools and functions within the LMR that support their efforts to improve the composites (also known as domains) that make up the Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) patient experience of care measures.  The goal is for the tutorial to give providers a simple and easy way to increase the effective use of the LMR, decrease their work load, and enhance the patient experience of care.

For more information, please contact Jay Ferrari at jlferrari@partners.org

LMR Rx History Function

Learn how to check if a patient has filled their prescriptions in the LMR. Click the link above for instructions on how to use the LMR Rx History Function.

For questions, please contact Greg Low, RPh, PhD at glow@partners.org

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