Stroke Research

Clinical stroke research is critical if we are to devise strategies to prevent and treat this disabling disease. This research may take the form of a clinical trial, where patients with or at risk for strokes are asked to try a new therapy. Other types of studies follow patients over time, possibly monitoring changes in blood pressure, weight, or blood tests while looking for evidence of any new stroke symptoms.


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  • Frosch Lab

    Matthew P. Frosch, MD, PhD

    “Understanding the pathogenesis of cerebral amyloid angiuopathy (CAA)...”

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  • J. Philip Kistler Stroke Research Center

    The Kistler Stroke Research Center provides office space for Stroke Service research groups. It is named in honor of Dr. J. P. Kistler, Director of the MGH Stroke Service from 1978 to 2004, to recognize Dr. Kistler's contributions to the MGH Neurology Service, and the field of Stroke neurology.

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  • Laboratory for NeuroImaging of Coma and Consciousness

    Institute for NeuroImaging of Coma and Consciousness

    Dr. Brian Edlow’s Laboratory for NeuroImaging of Coma and Consciousness (NICC) aims to improve acute care and long-term outcomes for patients with coma and other disorders of consciousness caused by traumatic brain injury.

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