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The Addiction Consult Team (ACT) provides expert addiction specialty care to hospitalized patients, including treatment during the hospitalization and direct linkage to ongoing care after discharge. It is our goal to provide immediate, high-quality, compassionate, and equitable care to all patients with substance use disorder in the hospital and to improve access to treatment, smooth transitions between care levels and improve patients’ health and quality of life. We offer person-centered treatment for all types of substance use disorder, including withdrawal management, medication initiation, psychosocial assessment, peer support, and harm reduction services.

During admission, the primary clinical team will place an order for an addiction consultation. One of the members from our team will complete an assessment and treatment plan with the patient and provide recommendations to the primary clinical team. Our social workers, resource specialist, and peer recovery coaches are available to provide additional support and treatment linkage. Our team works closely with the primary clinical team to develop a discharge plan and connect each patient to ongoing, community-based services.


ACT provides:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of all types of substance use disorder, such as alcohol, opioid, stimulant, and others
  • Withdrawal management
  • Initiation and continuation of medication for substance use disorder
  • Bedside therapy and motivational interviewing
  • Development of substance use disorder treatment plan and referrals to community providers
  • Disposition planning
  • Harm reduction education and interventions
  • Recommendations for testing for common substance-related medical conditions, such as viral hepatitis and HIV testing
  • Regular meetings with collaborating services, for example infectious diseases, cardiac surgery, psychiatry, and case management
  • Peer recovery coach support

Meet Our Team

ACT Clinical Team

Eugene Lambert, MD
Evan Gale, MD, Associate Medical Director
Sarah Wakeman, MD
Donna Ugboaja, MD
James Zhou, MD
Michael Bierer, MD
Jim Morrill, MD
Cheryl Monterio, MD
Wei Sum Li, MD
Geren Stone, MD
Sydney Jimenez, MD
David Munson, MD
Mark Eisenberg, MD
Nicole Gerniglia, NP, Team Lead
Christopher Shaw, NP
Hasena Omanovic, NP
Lorraine Jacobsohn, NP
Amanda Ortiz, NP
Meaghan Lydon, NP
Jaclynne Lira, Social Worker
Marisa De Mirelle, Social Worker
Domenique DeLucia, Social Worker
Julia Finley, Social Worker
Madelaine Campbell, Social Worker
Alicia Vitale, Resource Specialist
Christopher Dasilva, Recovery Coach

Administrative Team

Roberto Barillas, Administrative Coordinator
Marielle Sobrado, Group Practice Administrator