About the Codman Center for Clinical Effectiveness in Surgery

The Codman Center’s mission is to deliver the safest, highest value patient care through innovative research and education.

Quality & Safety

The Codman Center leads a number of initiatives to improve patient care and safety in the department.

Surgical Outcomes

The Codman Center develops and vets quality metrics at the national level to improve quality of care and outcomes for patients.

Education & Training

The Codman Center provides opportunities for fellows and residents interested in surgical outcomes assessment, metric development and improvement of surgical care.

Support Us

When you make a gift to the Codman Center, you support surgical outcomes research and well-informed surgeons.

Dr. Ernest A. Codman

Dr. Ernest A. Codman was a pioneer in medical quality assessment and had a passion for hospital reform.

1.8 million cases

How We Benchmark Data

We benchmark data and results against a database of over 500 hospitals.


Reduction in Readmission Rate

During a three-year period, the center’s initiatives have resulted in a 20% reduction in the Department of Surgery’s readmission rate.