Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Immune Tolerance Network's TrialShare wins national award

Members of the Mass General Bioinformatics Group of the Immune Tolerance Network. Left to right: Mike Stahly, Amy Feng, Dennis Wightman, Tanya Antonille, Sachin Hebbar, PhD, Kidan Kebede, Peter Riggs, Adam Asare, PhD, Sai Kanaparthi, Ben Siyum, Noha Lim, PhD, Jim Connelly (not pictured)

The Immune Tolerance Network’s (ITN) Bethesda office, which recently joined Massachusetts General Hospital, has won the National Academy of Sciences Data and Information Challenge for its Clinical Trials Research Portal, ITN TrialShare.

The theme of this year’s competition, launched and judged by the Academy’s Board on Research Data and Information (BDRI), was “Using Data for the Public Good.” Read more

About ITN

The ITN is a clinical research consortium sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). ITN's mission is to advance the clinical application of immune tolerance therapies by integrating mechanism of action research into its clinical trials in allergy and asthma, organ transplantation and autoimmune disease. The ITN Bethesda office is part of the Department of Surgery at Mass General, under the leadership of Dr. Laurence Turka. 

About ITN TrialShare

ITN TrialShare shares information about ITN's clinical studies and specimen bio-repository with the scientific research community. Data and analysis code underlying ITN-published manuscripts are publicly available with the goal of promoting transparency, reproducibility and scientific collaboration. ITN TrialShare was developed by the ITN Bethesda Bioinformatics Group, under the leadership of Dr. Adam Asare.

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