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The Department of Surgery's leading-edge research programs contribute important new knowledge to both the surgical and broader medical communities. Use the filters and search box to refine your search for a specific lab.
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    Irit Adini, PhD

    Irit Adini, PhD, is a member of the faculty at the Center for Engineering in Medicine & Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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    Boland Lab - Genevieve M. Boland, MD, PhD

    The Boland Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital focuses on blood-based techniques for assessing changes in the tumor microenvironment through analysis of circulating exosomes.

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    Brain Trauma Lab

    The Brain Trauma Lab is aimed at learning how to better treat the millions of children with brain trauma and similar problems, now and in the future.

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    Brain Tumor Stem Cell Lab

    The Brain Tumor Stem Cell Lab develops novel therapeutic strategies for glioblastoma through a better understanding of the biological and molecular characteristics of glioblastoma stem cells

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    Marianna Bei, PhD

    Marianna Bei, PhD, is an investigator at the Center for Engineering in Medicine & Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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    Cell Resource Core

    The Cell Resource Core at Massachusetts General Hospital provides fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes for use by researchers at Mass General and other research institutions.

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    Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

    The Cognitive Neuroscience Lab probes the mechanisms by which individual neurons communicate locally and across cortical areas, and investigate new approaches for reconstituting the line of communication across areas disrupted within the CNS

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    Craniofacial Developmental Biology Laboratory

    Our goal in the Craniofacial Developmental Biology Laboratory is to investigate fundamental genetic regulation of facial development, with a focus on translating basic science discoveries to clinical advances.

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    Cusack Laboratory

    Research topics in the Cusack Laboratory include molecular targeted therapies for colorectal cancer, melanoma, Merkel cell cancer and carcinomatosis, and improving delivery of surgical cancer care in resource-limited settings.

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