Heart valve surgery at Mass General

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgeons within the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center provide patients with comprehensive and personalized care available in a manner that is as comfortable as possible for them and their families.


Patients come from all over the world to undergo cardiac surgery at the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center. They have every resource of the hospital's vast expertise available to them, including extensive educational materials and access to promising new therapies through clinical trials.

Cardiac Surgical Services at the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center

Our leading cardiac surgeons treat patients within several of the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center's condition-specific programs:

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Innovative Procedures Designed to Treat Heart Disease

For the heart's valves

For the heart’s blood vessels

      • Coronary artery bypass grafting (bypass surgery)

For the aorta, the heart’s largest artery

To treat heart failure

To treat adult congenital heart disease

To treat heart rhythm conditions

Access to Promising New Treatments

Cardiac surgeons from the Mass General Corrigan Minehan Heart Center participate in national clinical studies evaluating new technologies and devices to treat heart disease. This allows us to bring our patients promising new treatments as quickly as possible.

Patients interested in participating in clinical trials can browse online for open trials

Our Surgeons

  • Thoralf M. Sundt, III, MD, Chief, Cardiac Surgery

    As chief of Cardiac Surgery, Dr. Sundt performs the full range of adult cardiac surgical procedures. He is also dedicated to assuring the highest quality care by the entire cardiac surgical team in a patient-centered, efficient, and safe manner.

  • David A. D'Alessandro, MD

    David A. D'Alessandro, MD, is cardiac surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is a member of the Mass General Corrigan Minehan Heart Center and the Mass General Transplant Center, and specializes in ventricular assist devices.

  • Serguei Melnitchouk, MD, MPH

    Serguei Melnitchouk, MD, MPH, is a cardiac surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital and specializes in minimally invasive mitral valve surgery. Dr. Melnitchouk is instructor in surgery at Harvard Medical School.

  • George Tolis, Jr, MD

    Dr. Tolis has a special interest in complex high risk cardiac surgery, including valve, coronary bypass, thoracic aortic procedures and cardiac re-operations. He also specializes in liberal use of bilateral IMA grafts in coronary bypass grafting.

  • Mauricio A. Villavicencio-Theoduloz, MD

    Mauricio Villavicencio, MD, MBA, is cardiac surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, specializing in heart and lung transplantation, VAD and ECMO, aortic valve surgery and pulmonary endarterectomy.

  • Gus J. Vlahakes, MD

    Gus J. Vlahakes, MD, is a board-certified cardiac surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Vlahakes is a member of the Mass General Corrigan Minehan Heart Center and specializes in all phases of adult cardiac surgery.

  • Arminder S. Jassar, MBBS

    Dr. Jassar focuses his clinical activities on aortic surgery in addition to the full spectrum of adult cardiac surgery.

  • Duke Cameron, MD

    Dr. Cameron is internationally renowned for his work in surgical repair of the heart’s main blood vessel, the aorta.

Patient Education

  • Patient Guide to Cardiac Surgery (PDF)

    Learn what to expect before, during and after your surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center by downloading and printing our patient guide to cardiac surgery.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Cardiac Anesthesia

    The Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center offers a patient guide to cardiac anesthesia. Our dedicated clinicians believe it is important for you to know what to expect before, during and after a cardiac anesthesia.


  • Paradigm Shift in Mitral Valve Repair - 8/24/2016, Mass General

    New guidelines recommend mitral valve repair for asymptomatic patients with mitral valve regurgitation, allowing for comparable outcomes with faster recovery.

  • Heart walk for fitness and friend - 9/28/2015, Mass General

    Almost 200 MGH staffers, patients and family members joined over 10,000 walkers on the Charles River Esplanade on Sept. 12 to participate in the 2015 AHA Boston Heart Walk.

  • The journey home - 8/1/2014, Mass General

    Lacy Neff, a radio broadcaster from West Virginia, recently underwent a heart transplant as part of his treatment plan for amyloidosis, a rare disease that occurs when amyloid proteins accumulate in the organs. The MGH is one of only seven hospitals in the United States studying cardiac amyloid transplants – and the only one in the Northeast.


NSMC Update

North Shore Medical Center is consolidating one service of its Heart Center—the open heart surgery program—with Massachusetts General Hospital in August of 2016. Mass General has maintained a collaboration in cardiac care with North Shore Medical Center for decades and welcomes the care of these patients in our Cardiac Surgery Service. All other cardiac services currently offered at North Shore Medical Center will remain there.

The Cardiac Surgery Service at Mass General comprises seven surgeons with expertise in minimally invasive surgery, heart and lung transplantations, and mechanical circulatory support. Our team offers leading treatments and preventive care for both common and complex cardiac conditions, including:

  • Adult congenital heart disease
  • Aortic aneurysms
  • Heart failure
  • Heart rhythm conditions
  • Heart valve conditions

Our cardiac surgery team performed more than 1,300 cases in 2015 and received a 3-star rating (highest possible) from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) in both aortic valve replacement (AVR) and AVR+ coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG).

Meet our Cardiac Surgeons

Information for Physicians

If you have new patients requiring cardiac surgical services, please call the Mass General Heart Center Referral Line: 866-644-8910 (press 3)

Information for Patients

Contact our outpatient access team at 866-644-8910 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm to request an appointment. Our team will request information about your condition or symptoms and make a timely appointment with the most appropriate cardiac specialist.

You can also request an appointment online. Once we receive your appointment request, our access team will call and ask you to explain your diagnosis and/or symptoms in more detail.

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