Kenneth K. Tanabe, MD
Kenneth K. Tanabe, MD

Surgical Oncology Research & Clinical Trials

Explore current research projects in the Division of Surgical Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital or search our open clinical trials and medical research studies.

Research Labs

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  • Cusack Laboratory

    James C. Cusack, Jr., MD

    Research topics in the Cusack Laboratory include: molecular targeted therapies for colorectal cancer, melanoma, Merkel cell cancer and carcinomatosis, and improving delivery of surgical cancer care in resource-limited settings.

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  • Hughes Lab

    Kevin S. Hughes, MD

    The Hughes Lab develops a cancer risk assessment software (Hughes riskApps™) that focuses on increasing the quality and efficiency of care while decreasing cost.

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  • Lubitz Lab

    Carrie C. Lubitz, MD, MPH

    The Lubitz Lab focuses on improving the quality of care for patients with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal disorders.

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  • Maheswaran Lab


    Research topics in the Maheswaran Lab include: tumorigenesis, breast cancer and cancer genetics.

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  • Oncolytic Virus Research Laboratory

    Howard Kaufman, MD

    The Oncolytic Virus Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital seeks to understand how oncolytic viruses, a new class of tumor immunotherapy or cancer treatment, mediate antitumor activity.

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  • Tanabe Lab

    Research topics in the Tanabe Lab include: hepatobiliary cancer, Epidermal Growth Factor and hepatocellular carcinoma.

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