Mass General TeleNeurology develops and sustains two-way collaborative relationships for the long-term. Our clinical and licensure services, educational programs, quality improvement efforts, and cost-effective technologies, are designed to foster institutional capabilities, raising profiles and building communities around innovative care delivery to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient.

Mass General TeleNeurology is a pioneer and a leader in the delivery of remote, best-in class stroke and neurology care. We enable seamless access to remote specialty care for communities throughout New England, collaborating not only to provide the best care at the right time, but to foster continuous innovation and measurable improvements in efficiency and quality. Our program collaborates with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital TeleStroke program to cover twenty three community hospitals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine for acute stroke, 24/7/365. Eleven of these hospitals also receive emergency non-vascular neurology coverage (e.g. comas, cord compressions, status epilepticus, etc.) and six of those also receive non-emergency neurology consultations in the hospital and ambulatory settings.

In parallel, our proven expertise and standardized programmatic model- its processes and systems- are licensed to academic medical centers and health systems in other regions through our Mass General TeleStroke Consortium. Our collaborators share our mission of re-designing neurology care through innovation, eliminating barriers that limit access to care to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient. For 10 years, our national partners have leveraged the Mass General TeleHealth Portal as their own platform for clinical documentation, care coordination, process management and activity tracking. Additionally, these partners leverage Mass General expertise and standardized programmatic models and materials. Today, 7 academic medical centers and their 60+ US TeleStroke/Neurology service recipient hospitals participate in our TeleStroke Consortium, arguably the largest not-for-profit, academic center-driven TeleNeurology network in the United States.

To serve our own Mass General Neurology patient population, our program enables follow up consultations via videoconference that allow patients to visit with their neurologists from their location of choice. Our professionally conducted surveys show that our patients find Virtual Visits to be an experience comparable to their regular office visit, which is not the case for telephone or email exchange. Their satisfaction rates are above 90%. Over 50 outpatient Mass General neurologists have conducted more than 700 virtual visits, reducing follow-up visit duration by an estimated 33% and freeing clinic time for new patients. ALS patients, for example, are now seen at home, allowing care when clinic travel is no longer possible and epilepsy patients that may not be able to drive their appointment are now frequently receiving their care in the same way.

Our History

The process of remotely treating patients was pioneered at Mass General Hospital by Dr. Lee Schwamm in 1996, for acute stroke. During the initial four years, Dr. Schwamm and his colleagues worked tirelessly to fine-tune the processes and protocols that would enable a remote model of care for acute stroke. In 2000, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital became Mass General TeleNeurology’s first spoke (community hospital receiving TeleNeurology services), followed by a handful of other hospitals that allowed Dr. Schwamm to clinically validate this paradigm-changing concept. As regulations evolved and the adoption of TeleStroke spread quickly and broadly, the activity in our network grew exponentially and our clinical services expanded to other neurological conditions and settings. Today we enable remote access to neurology expertise for every setting, from the emergency room to the patient’s home, for both consultative and interpretative services and for just about any neurological condition.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

One of our program’s distinctive characteristics is the integration of expertise in different disciplines to the benefit of patient and physician centric care. Our core team involves physician leaders, administrators and engineers that share their expertise with our partners. Our medical providers jointly accumulate over 150 independently-founded research grants, over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications and over 1,000 invited presentations. Clinical expertise, strategic planning, regulatory and legal counseling, business intelligence, software development, network engineering, hardware integration, team design, change management, statistical models, process analysis and quality improvement come together to develop and expand our program. Close collaboration with other Mass General departments- TeleHealth, Network Development, Population Health Management, Partners Collaborative Media, Partners Office of the General Counsel, Partners and the Center for International and Specialized Services enable and support our services and initiatives.

Our Mission

We are committed to redesigning neurology care by connecting patients and community providers with world class neurologists through innovative processes and technologies. Our programmatic model overcomes access barriers, educates physicians and their teams on remote care delivery, and develops collaborations that strive for the best possible outcome for every patient.

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