Nurse coordinators at the Mass General Transplant Center
Our multidisciplinary care team includes nurse coordinators such as Sally Keck, RN, MS, and Coral Hagan, RN, who care for patients at every stage of the transplant process.

Transplant Center Treatments & Services

The Transplant Center offers all types of transplantation currently available, including heart, heart-lung, lung, kidney, kidney-pancreas, liver, liver-small bowel and bone marrow.

Treatment Programs

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  • Pediatric Transplant Surgery

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    The Pediatric Transplant Program at MassGeneral Hospital for Children is a major referral center for organ transplants for children.

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  • Transplant Center Heart Program


    The Heart Transplant Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center offers comprehensive treatment, transplantation and care management options for patients with heart failure and other severe heart conditions.

  • Transplant Center Infectious Disease Program

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    The Transplant Infectious Disease Program, part of the Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center, is a part of the life-long care provided to organ, bone marrow and stem cell transplant recipients and others with increased risk for infections.

  • Transplant Center Kidney/Pancreas/Islet Programs


    The Kidney/Pancreas/Islet Transplant Programs at Massachusetts General Hospital provide new and unique treatment options for patients with end-stage renal disease (kidney failure) and/or type 1 diabetes.

  • Transplant Center Liver Program


    The Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center has performed more adult and pediatric liver transplants than any other center in New England, and has maintained some of the best graft and patient survivals in the country.

  • Transplant Center Lung Program

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    The Lung Transplant Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center brings together state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge medical and surgical interventions to provide patients with individualized care before and after their lung transplants.

  • Transplant Center Psychiatry Program

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    The Transplant Psychiatry Program in the Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center is an important part of the comprehensive and life-long care provided to transplant patients and donors.

Patient Education

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