Herscot Center for TSC Staff

It is important for all individuals with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) to be monitored throughout their life for possible medical complications from the disorder. The Herscot Center offers coordinated care by providing access to a wide range of physicians who specialize in treating TSC.

Our Team

Herscot Center Staff

  • Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD


  • Jan L. Paolini, RN, MS

    Clinical Nurse Coordinator

  • Leigh Horne-Mebel, LICSW

    Social Worker

  • Robyn Bluestein

    Program Manager

  • Erin Fonseca

    Research Nurse

Specialists - Brain: Seizures and other neurological issues

Specialists - Brain: Learning

Specialist - Dietitian

  • Heidi Pfeifer

Specialist - Endocrinology

Specialist - Epilepsy Surgery

Specialists - Heart

Specialist - Psychiatry

Specialist - Opthomology

Specialits - Radiology

Specialists - Renal

Specialists - Skin

  • Joop M. Grevelink, MD, PhD


Specialist - Urology

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