Patient Stories

  • Jacob, 9 months


    "Jacob was six months when he started to get infantile spasms. The first time, it was really, really scary." - Tatiana, Jacob's mom

  • Michael, 8


    "Michael never, ever quits. He's the hardest working person I've ever met in my life." - Russ, Michael's dad

  • Danica, 13


    "Tuberous sclerosis hasn't affected me in any big ways. I think I'm really lucky." - Danica

  • Troy, 19


    "If I've made it out of a seizure, I think I can make it through anything." - Troy

  • Laurie, 38


    "Life with tuberous sclerosis isn't easy. I had struggles in certain things, but here I am today and it's wonderful." - Laurie

  • Brad, 40


    "TSC and mental health issues often go hand in hand, and are quite under diagnosed, and under recognized, both in providers and certainly in families, and people who suffer from TSC." - Nicole Danforth, Psychiatrist

  • Steve, Multigenerational


    "The supposition is that it came from my paternal grandmother. It's possible that it's been in my family for, at least now, four generations." - Steve