The O’Neill service of the Department of Urology is heavily focused on taking care of hospitalized patients with nephrolithiasis and BPH. The resident team learns to manage peri-operative care of patients with simple and complex renal stones, advanced prostate debulking procedures (prostate enucleation, laser TURP) and other benign urologic procedures.

The Leadbetter service is focused on management of perioperative patients with urologic oncologic disorders. The service manges patients after complex open, laparoscopic and robotic surgical cases for malignancies in the kidney, bladder, prostate, penis and testes.

Cabot attending: The urology residents who graduate in good standing from Mass General Hospital function as a urology attending for a four month block after graduation. This opportunity provides the Cabot attending with an unparalleled experience in caring for some of the most complex urologic cases with the department’s faculty for assistance and guidance. The Cabot attending obtains a level of independence and develops leadership skills for managing the urology resident team that carries with the individual throughout his or her career. A 2016 survey for the individuals who completed the Cabot attending experience (34 respondents; 85% response rate) overwhelmingly had positive feedback for this unique opportunity offered by the Mass General Department of Urology. The results of the survey are as follows:

Question 5 Cabot Attending survey

Question 10 Cabot Attending survey

Question 12 Cabot Attending survey

  • O'Neil Service junior: Responsibilities include assisting the Cabot Attending with all cases, assisting faculty with open or endoscopic cases as assigned by the chief resident and following inpatient and outpatient Cabot consult patients from other services
  • Leadbetter Service junior: Responsibilities include assisting faculty with open, laparoscopic and endoscopic cases as assigned by the chief resident
  • Pediatric junior: Responsibilities include assisting faculty with open and endoscopic cases, management of patients, evaluation and management of outpatient clinic pediatric urology patients under supervision of pediatric faculty
  • Pediatric senior: Responsibilities include assisting faculty with open and endoscopic cases, seeing and managing urologic consultations from pediatric and obstetrical services at Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and inpatient and outpatient management of pediatric urological patients
  • Outpatient clinic/research resident: Residents participate in the outpatient clinic and are able to pursue basic and clinical research projects in any area of adult or pediatric urology of interest. Aria Olumi, MD, is the director of research and mentors the residents during this period. Dr. Olumi directs one laboratory, while Chin-Lee Wu, MD, directs the other basic science laboratory. For those interested in clinical research, the Department has a large patient database. The resident will meet with the departmental chairman and Dr. Olumi prior to the research block to arrange the rotation
  • Outpatient ambulatory surgery chief: In the third year the resident participates in surgical procedures performed in the outpatient and ambulatory surgery locations. Office procedures include cystoscopy, laser bladder tumor photocoagulation, video urodynamics, stent placement and removal, prostate biopsy, vasectomy and other minor surgical procedures. Ambulatory procedures do not require an overnight stay
  • Endoscopy chief resident: Responsibilities include assisting the senior faculty on complex percutaneous and transurethral endourology as the primary surgeon
  • Laparoscopic chief resident: Responsibilities include assisting senior faculty with laparoscopic management of their patients with faculty supervision
  • Open Service chief resident: Responsible for assisting and staffing all open cases as the primary surgeon with attending oversight
  • Cabot attending: Responsibilities include acting as the attending surgeon for Ward Service patients and consults, serving as the attending urologic surgeon member of the level one trauma team, oversight of all resident staff functions, preparation of case conferences for urologic grand rounds and primary responsibility for pre- and post-operative care of Cabot Service patients

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