Friday, May 8, 2015

VasCore opens training facility for vascular professionals

VasCore opening
SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Michael R. Jaff, DO, center, surrounded by the VasCore team

On April 23, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of the VasCore Training and Education Center (VTEC), a groundbreaking facility and meeting hub in downtown Boston that aims to provide hands-on, customized training using the latest advancements in vascular imaging.

“VTEC will serve primarily as a unique training facility, using the latest imaging technology to assure the highest quality imaging as part of multicenter international clinical trials,” said Michael R. Jaff, DO, founder and medical director of VasCore and the medical director of the MGH Vascular Center. “In addition, VTEC serves to improve the quality of testing by technologists and interpretation of images by physicians. We will accomplish this through the dynamic interaction between this classroom and our exam rooms. VTEC is also designed to promote global training and interaction using videoconferencing.” 

This highly specialized training will advance the decades of work VasCore’s team has conducted globally to educate clinicians on how best to analyze and provide consistent ultrasound images of blood vessels, facilitating outstanding clinical trial results.

The VTEC team seeks to improve image quality through more standardized training that will assist researchers in obtaining better ultrasound exams across clinical trial locations, which will streamline both financial and time investment and produce better data.

“Being here is the realization of so many different things that we have been thinking and talking about at board meetings for a number of years,” said Cathy Minehan, chairman of the MGH Board of Trustees. “As we move forward in academic medicine, there is this question of how taking care of people in the place that they should be taken care of produces enough sense of ownership and revenue to keep the hospital’s specialty services alive.With these revenue constraints, how do we then take those specialty services, continuously inform them with research, and create and deliver the high-tech care that we need to grow and prosper in the future? This education center and lab – with its focus on using imaging technology to expand the reach of our skilled practitioners – lies right at the sweet spot of all of the issues we’ve been talking about.”

 The 1700-square-foot facility located at 1 Bowdoin Square features a business center, lounge, classroom and imaging rooms dedicated to training, at capacity, 38 students per day. “Beyond training, we see VTEC’s capabilities as limitless,” Jaff said. “VTEC is perfectly suited – through its open architecture and its convenient location for private meetings – for our industry collaborators, scientific sessions, interactive meetings between key opinion leaders and personalized training sessions. On-site imaging exam rooms also will allow for advanced instructor-guided training through video in real time.”

Since founding VasCore in 1997, Jaff and his colleague Gail L. Hadley, RN, RVT, FSVU, have trained hundreds of fellow clinicians, but the new education center will further expand those opportunities.

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