As a fitness instructor, Jessica Diaz never thought she’d face a stroke—especially at such a young age. But after teaching two morning classes, she felt a shooting pain travel down the left side of her body. After a visit to the Emergency Department, Massachusetts General Hospital doctors determined that Jessica had a stroke and was lucky to be alive. Further testing revealed that the stroke had been caused by a small hole in the heart, which had allowed a blood clot to travel to her brain. As a young and active mother of two, Jessica worked with a team of Mass General doctors to not only repair her heart, but determine a treatment plan to minimize future health risks.

About the Mass General Stroke Service

The Stroke Service at Massachusetts General Hospital provides diagnosis, prevention and treatment for patients with stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases. Our neurovascular specialists offer the following services to stroke patients:

  • Preventive care and medical management of stroke risk factors
  • Clot-dissolving medications and devices
  • Surgical clipping or endovascular coiling of ruptured aneurysms (a cause of hemorrhagic stroke)
  • Telestroke, which involves the use of videoconferencing and image sharing technology to diagnose and recommend treatments for patients at 12 community hospitals

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