Research & Clinical Trials

At the Massachusetts General Hospital Fireman Vascular Center, internationally recognized physicians from seven specialties provide patients with the most advanced treatment options available for vascular conditions.

Research Labs

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  • Vascular Biology Research Laboratory

    The Vascular Surgery Research Laboratory is involved in experimental strategies geared towards understanding the pathophysiology of intimal hyperplasia and ischemia reperfusion injury. We are also involved in the development of novel clinically relevant experimental therapies to treat and/or prevent both of these complex problems.

Research Centers

  • Cardiovascular Research Center

    The Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC) at Massachusetts General Hospital was founded in 1990 to bridge the gap between the science of heart disease and the practice of cardiovascular medicine.

Clinical Trials

Clinical research at the Fireman Vascular Center combines research with patient care to develop new therapies for aortic diseases, fibromuscular dysplasia, peripheral artery disease, stroke and carotid artery disease, venous disease and other vascular conditions.

Patients interested in participating in a trial can browse online for open clinical trials or contact a member of their care team to learn more.

Advancing Clinical Care

With six unique programs, our physicians in the Fireman Vascular Center endeavor to ensure that many different aspects of treatment and care are at the leading edge, and that discoveries made through research can be implemented immediately.

View a sample of our clinical research in the following programs:

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